Popidiot is an Estonian-Finnish electropop group of two mad scientists Matti Juhani Peura and Hendrik Luuk working together with guitarist and record label owner Rein Fuks (the songwriter of estonian noisepop group Pia Fraus). The group caused quite a bit of fuss among the estonian media and music experts with the debut album “1111”, originally released in 2006, owing to their controversial name, sincere electro-cowboy eclecticism and synthpop appeal. The album featured the song “Love vulture”, which became an absolute favourite among the estonian indie scene and internet-addicted teenagers hanging out in myspace. The long-awaited second album entitled “Antenna of Love” will be released on February 24th 2009, the Estonian Independence Day, on a small indie-label Seksound. It is a cross-over album with indie guitars and pop vocals layered on electrodance beats and synthpop base. It’s full of great songs, all killers, no fillers. Name your favorite synthpop, electropop or indiepop sounds and you find them here. Popidiot’s sound is heavily influenced by synthpop classics like New Order, Human League or Depeche Mode in a way similar to contemporary electropop acts like Hot Chip, Cut Copy or Regina. Popidiot is also a popular live act having supported artists like Pet Shop Boys and Klaxons in Estonia. Already before its release, “Antenna of Love” is expected to establish a new standard of dance pop – at least here in Estonia.