Born in Aizpute, district of Liepaja, on 16 January 1983. Capricorn. Moved to live in Liepaja at the age of 15. Andris Erglis has been on the stage since early youth, performing at the district dance parties together with his father already at the age of 11. He found himself on the horns of a dilemma time and time again – either to sing, or play the drums – for Andris is a professional percussionist (he also plays in Liepaja Symphonic Orchestra). In 2001, he founded a band called “Berm”, which received the first prize in the festival “Liepajas Dzintars” in 2003. Andris Erglis appeared on the stage also as a solo performer and participated in the concerts of famous Swedish composer and pianist Robert Wells. He is a finalist of “Sony Jazz Stage” competition.
In 2006, together with the former guitarist of the groups “Livi” and “Fomins & Kleins” Tomass Kleins, founds a band called ”Cacao”. In this band, Andris combines both playing the drums and singing at the same time. The debut album of the band is coming out in September 2007, produced by “Microphone Records”.
Andris Erglis was included into the Latvian pop-music tenor “selection” Bonaparti.lv and, convincingly coming out on top of the National Eurovision Selections, with dignity represented Latvia at the international Eurovision Song Contest 2007 finals in Helsinki with a song in Italian “Questa Notte”. Maestro Raimonds Pauls also spots the young rising star and puts him forward for the international song contest for young singers “New Wave” 2007, taking place in Jurmala every year. Maestro Raimonds Pauls says concerning the new singer’s chances: “In every respect, he is one of our rare young singers who have voice…”