Alanas Ibrahimas Chošnau (born July 11, 1974 in Vilnius, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian singer and songwriter, a former member of the music group “Naktinės Personos”.
Alanas Chošnau was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. For 6 years, Chošnau lived with his father in Bagdad, Iraq. In 1992, he created the pop music group “Naktinės Personos” along with Aras Vėberis. Five years later, the two traveled on concert tours in Lithuania, but got into an accident, which caused Chošnau to stay at a hospital for four months. In 1999, he went to revisit his father in Iraq. Just two years later, “Naktinės Personos” stopped its musical career and Chošnau continued his career as a solo artist. Chrošnau still continues writing songs and participating in TV projects, such as LNK’s “Žvaigždžių duetai” and TV3’s “Džiunglės”.