LENII Latvian answer to US country rock stars Shania Twain and Faith Hill! Lenii is a winner of Latvian „Singing With The Stars 2007”. After that she becomes one of the most wanted country rock singer in the region. Her performance is full of energetic and charisma. Her first album recorded together with her duo partner Janis Moisejs and the most popular Latvian composer ever- Mr. Raimonds Pauls. Album got 2 nominations at Latvian Music Award ceremony 2007 and have won the „The best country song of the year”. The album becomes the best selling album of 2007 for „Microphone Records”. Currently she’s working on her first solo album to be released in June 2008. The first single, power pop anthem- „Jauna diena/ A New Day” is now one of the most played hit songs on radios for the past last 3 weeks in 2008. She is also acting main role in the new and popular Latvian TV soup opera. Her song list contains her original material as well as with some famous international hit songs. Lenii plays saxophone and performs fully live as well as doing half playback for TV’s and special shows. .