DONIS is a well-known Lithuanian neofolk/ambient/experimental music project, the central axis of which is a instrumentalist Donatas Bielkauskas. He creates and plays music using authentic and modernized Lithuanian folk as well as electronic instruments; sessional musicians are also invited to cooperate. The project is distinguished for its solid, subtle and mature sound of modern music with Baltic touch. The debut album “Deinaina” was released in a tape format in 1998, it was followed by a CD “Baltos Juodos Klajos” (“White Black Wanders” , Dangus prod . 2002), the famous work “Svilpiai” (“Whistles”, 2003), a joint project of DONIS with KULGRINDA “Sotvaras” (Dangus prod.), an ambient album “Vacuum” (Autarkeia, 2004), a post-folklore album “Bite Lingo” and antic “Alexandreia” (Autarkeia, 2007). From 1994 until now, DONIS collaborates with various projects and performers: Wejdas, Notanga, Kulgrinda, Rasa Serra, Kursiu Ainiai, Alwyda, etc. Lately, Donatas pays much attention to electronic and experimental music. A wish and potentiality to experiment not only with ambient/folk music reveals itself in a project d.n.s. More info/video/mp3 – WWW.DONIS.LT .. .. .. .. .. ..