– On stage from early age as a solo singer, solo violin, kokle (harp type instrument) and piano player, as a participant of various vocal and instrumental ensembles as well as dance groups. – Education – Latvian Academy of Music – 5 years study of Composition and Music Teaching, including Classical Singing and Choir Conducting. Her love and natural abilities for music began at age of just 5 when she self-taught the piano; by age 7 she was able to play piano accompaniement by ear and at 12 she had completed the complete Academy Harmony course, again learning by ear! Combination of self-taught and following high classical education gives her advantages in working in any music genre.

– Graduated Janis Knakis Photo Model School. – From age 14 a singer and a keyboard player in various rock bands (awards in contests as the best keyboard player, best songwriter and the best singer singer), later establish her own music band Pamatinstinkts (English name – Basic Instinct) which won great popularity in Latvia, number of top hits, released 5 albums which earned platinum and gold disc status, and she performed about 100 gigs per year. Her songs (most popular internationally – Shake It Up with Indian influences) are released in various compilations in USA, Japan (Dancemania), Greece (Dance Now), Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Malasia, Korea etc., achieved annual awards in Latvia and awards in international internet contests.

– Works as a producer, arranger and composer for other performers too; lot of top hits, releases, platinum and gold discs. – Together with a sound engineer Janis Kalve runs a leading recording studio in Riga.

– Have worked with PR, press and management for her band and her produced performers, did marketing research about listeners taste to find the formula for a perfect hit, studied crowd psychology to learn the best way how to work with an audience in concerts. – Everyday fitness and dancing – she is a really good dancer! From hip hop, latino, belly dance till even martial arts.

– Hard working – always seeking something new and interesting! Now looking forward to the exciting new challenge of UK audiences and making a new label deal here. Offering a highly innovative and professional approach to the music opportunities as they arise, at all times!