On thursday 26th of september mother Sirje and father Tõnu have born her todays 21-year-old daughter Lenna Kuurmaa. Just four years later she discovered her love to music and joined the ETV-girls-choir, where she sang several years with enthusiasm. In addition she took parts in different musicals like “Charly Brown”, “Kuniga ja mina” or “Sound of Music”. To improve her musical talent she decided also, to learn to play violin.. Her childhood was stamped not only by the music, she often went to visit her grandmother, who lived on the farm in Türi, a city in the middle of Estonia. Most of her time she spent with her older brother Raido and her mostly male friends in Tallinn. In her spare time she often played football or other ball games, As well on the playground of her school (54.Tallinn Saksa Gümnasium). She visited a German-speaking school in which she went with Ex-Vanilla Ninja member Maarja Kivi to the same class. About 4,5 years ago she got to know Katrin Siska (Vanilla Ninja) and Piret Järvis (Vanilla Ninja), together with Maarja she thought it would be great to make a band with Katrin and Piret, which they called VANILLA NINJA. With the Girl rock band, Lenna experienced during 4 years heights and depths. For example the chartscandal in which she was involved in 2005 with producer David Brandes. The band VANILLA NINJA seemed to break. However, fast the group found a new management (Stage division) as well as a new record company (EMI Capitol). Everything ran of beginning rather well, the girls worked hard on themselves, musically, humanely and optically. They moved for the music even to Germany. It was the right moment for a new beginning, once more the band had no big success at all. The air is totally out now. To win some distance, they withdrew into her native country Estonia, Where they are still successful furthermore. In germany it became more quiet around the 3 estonian rock ladies. In this time Lenna has devoted herself also to other projects. She recoreded songs with the most different Estonian artists for example Tanel Padar (“Picture”, “Nii siis jääbki”), Koit Toome (“Kallim Kullast”) or with the estonian punkband Slide Fifty (“Reach Out”). The highlight of her career was the appearance before the British queen, where she sang the Estonian national anthem. VANILLA NINJA will take part in 2007 with the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST predecision. Lenna has written the song”Birds Of Peace” together with Piret. On October 19th, 2007 her first teenie-movie “Kuhu põgenevad hinged” will be released in Estonia.