Modestly said, Pia Fraus is flagship group of Estonian shoegaze rock and indiepop. No surprise, as they have fans all over the world and are well-loved in Estonia. Pia Fraus started in 1998 in Tallinn, Estonia when six art school students (Kärt Ojavee, Kristel Loide, Rein Fuks, Tõnis Kenkmaa, Reijo Tagapere and Joosep Volk) came together. First gig was in spring 1999. After some concerts they started recording their first album (Wonder What It’s Like) which was released in spring 2001 by themselves. Then they sent some demos to different labels and next full length album (In Solarium) was released under Clairecords (USA) in summer 2002. Kristel left the band and Eve Komp replaced her. In autumn 2003 Clairecords released Plastilina EP which included tracks from Wonder What It’s Like. Before that Margus Voolpriit replaced Joosep. At the beginning of 2004 Vinyl Junkie released In Solarium with bonus tracks in Japan. In September later that year Mooie Island EP was released under their own label SekSound. In spring 2005 Vinyl-Junkie Recordings released compilation CD “Sailing On A Grapefruit Lake” in Japan which also includes two videos. Winter 2006 saw the birth of Pia Fraus’ next LP “Nature Heart Software” released by Seksound. In 2008, working with Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake as producer, Pia Fraus released fourth album “After Summer”. Also remix compilation “Ten Remixes of Yenissey” and split-single on 7″ vinyl with Ulrich Schnauss were released by Seksound in summer 2008. The band has shared the stage with artists like Ulrich Schnauss, Animal Collective, Frida Hyvönen, Fleckfumie, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. Pia Fraus has been remixed by Hood, Bill Wells, Guther, Miwon, Fleckfumie, Mondii, His Name Is Alive, Future Pilot Aka, Seeland, International Airport, Teenage Fanclub, 3Pead, Mirabilia, Galaktlan, Pastacas.