Violeta Riaubi–kyt—Tarasoviene (born 25 August 1974) is a famous Lithuanian singer and show host. She used to be the co-host of a Lithuanian music show “Penktadienio Muzikos Sou” alongside Edmundas Ku–inskas and is now the new co-host of a music show “Padainuokim!” alongside her husband Vilius Tarasovas…………………… She has brought out two albums: “Ramune Baltaja” In 2004, and also “Su Meile” In 2006. Violeta has also produced many singles including: The Song About You And Me, With You, Jeigu Nori (With B’AVARIJA) and many more…………….. Violeta Riaubi–kyt—Tarasoviene. There’s no escaping her in Lithuania, whether listening to the radio, watching TV or going through the pages of a popular magazine, and, frankly, the audience doesn’t seem unhappy about it. With solid experience of performing in foreign nightclubs, Violeta took Lithuanian scene by storm at the beginning of this decade, becoming a popular TV and radio host, joining the –vaig–d–i– kvartetas band and eventually going solo. Her 2004 album Ramun– balt–j– sold 40 000 copies (double platinum in Lithuania) and earned her a Bravo award (Female Artist of The Year). Impressive vocal range, warm personality and looks that make men go crazy – Violeta was born to be a pop star. Currently hosting a popular TV music broadcast Padainuokim!, Violeta is one of Lithuania’s best paid entertainers, comfortable with performing either pop or jazz or rock and filling the halls all over the place. Her second album Su meile (2006) which features somewhat more adult oriented pop sound became an overnight bestseller. AWARDS : RC (best female artist) Bravo (best female artist) Vaiku Balsas (best female artist)