The two men have been in the leading front since the birth of Estonian dance music scene more than 15 years ago… DJ Meri (a former pianist) and P.Julm (one of the very first hiphop dj’s in the country) come from a city hyped to be the best clubbing location in the world in 2005 by New York Times Tallinn. Since 2000, releases on Defected (“Finally” and “At Night” remixes), Ovum (“Dirty Grooves”; “Elu On Mu Ilu”; “Track One”), NRK (“Last Survivor”, “Nite:life 019”), Stealth (“Temptation”; “DJ’s Calling”), Distance (“Tallinn Express EP”) and many other labels have now been followed by launching their own imprint ROTD Recordings. Full-length debut album to be released early 2006 will demonstrate the distinctive sound of Rulers of the Deep. Their blend of deep, tribal, tech-edged yet soulful house has become a trademark for the Estonian duo. Numerous original productions and loads of remixes have earned ROTD a spot in the spotlight of global dance music scene, hailed by likes of Roger Sanchez, King Britt, Josh Wink and Simon Dunmore. Next to numerous remixes, ROTD latest releases include critically acclaimed “Last Survivor” on NRK , which is also featured on their debut album “Next Evolution” due out now on ROTD Recordings. The first single “Every Night And Day” out now!!! You can catch Rulers of the Deep every Saturday on their worldwide radio show “Tallinn-Express” on Estonian Raadio 2 (live and recorded on http://www.r2.ee).

Rulers Of The Deep – Planet Drum

Planet Drum, a track that you will like from the first time you hear it – nice, partly simple seeming but still again another masterpiece from Rulers Of The Deep. The sound is funky mixed with airy pads and massive basslines, great vocals from Estonian jazz singer Sofia Rubina – describe it as a ROTD sound.

In the beginning of February Planet Drum will get a massive remix package from several worldwide known DJ’s and producers. The video for the song will be ready in the end of January. Video is produced in Estonia in studio called Birds Of Paradise. Author of the video is Daniel Müntinen who is the most talented young animation director in Estonia. Müntinen and Rulers have been worked together for many years in Tallinn Express parties with other young moviemakers, making live visuals under name Visual Culture – See The Music.

This video will be very untraditional, something we are used to see in music videos. There will be no beautiful girls, pimped cars or nice landscapes – we’ll introduce you to Earl. Earl is not your usual senior citizen who lives next door and listens to all humpy dumpy music. Earl may look old but he knows exactly which tunes are hot and which not. Look out because Earl knows where you live and we’ll let him off the lease! Video is made in animation technique and used is a very unique style doing it. How everything will look you shall see shortly – keep your eyes open Important is also the fact that this is the first video for Rulers Of The Deep