The Happs’ (also known as Laime Pilniga) is a successful rockband from Latvia, which with its powerful sound and positive attitude points their way to the stars. The Happs’ consists of four creative young musicians that do in music everything that they can imagine, based on hard rock. The band was formed in Riga in the spring of 2006, but it all began in late winter of 2005 when Ervins (vocals) and Marcis (guitar) decided to form a band based on rock from the 70’s. First to join them was Janis (bass), whom at that time hadn’t listened to hard rock-music before, with his own jazzrock, funk style project. When Janis found the drummer Elvijs, which had previously played many different kinds of music in many bands, The Happs’ was complete. The first appearance of The Happs’ was in July 2006, in the 25th anniversary concert of “Perkons”- one of the most progressive rockbands in Latvia. In October 2006 the band played their first concert with their own material in Riga. Since then until present, many concerts have been played in different places of Latvia, gladdening the fans of rock.