Newcomer singer Ladybird is born in Latvia on 28 May 1983. Because of family problems, she grew up in a childrens home from the age of four and spent most of her time there until she reached 17.

Her greatest passion since childhood has been music and singing but because of her situation, Ladybird never had the chance to attend music school. The only way for her to learn to sing was to sing along to popular tunes on the radio.

Ladybird’s first steps in the popmusic world came in 1998 when she entered a competition where producers were looking for girls to form a girl band, Rimmel Roses. She was one of the 5 girls chosen but the project didnt take off because of the producers lack of coordination.

After that, another producer agency, Aktiv Music, paid attention to the new singer and offered Ladybird the chance to become backing vocalist for the well-known Latvian singer, Lauris Reiniks. Ladybird took part in the recording of Lauris debut album and performed in his concerts until the launch of her solo career.

The producers saw Ladybird s passion for music, hard work and the main thing – her great voice – and offered to record a solo album. The Swedish writers, having previously worked for Jennifer Brown, Tityio, Ace of Bace, Robyn, ATC, Holly Valance and others, have written songs for this album. The album was released on 28 October 2003. It was very well received by the critics: “Sexy voice, sultry beats, perfectly produced” (Diena), “Huge achievement in Latvia’s pop music scene” (TVNET), “Excellent vocal, great songs” (NRA).

Ladybird’s debut single “Dangerous To Me” has topped radio charts and been released in Spain, Japan, Turkey, Korea, India, Czech Republic and Ukraine. The music video has been showed on MTV Nordic, VIVA, Muz-TV.

Ladybird was voted the Best Pop Artist 2003 by the Top Of The Pops Magazine/Latvia and took the prize at the 3rd annual LNT Video Music Awards ceremony, held Dec.11 at the Skonto Hall in Riga.

Ladybird also took home two trophies from Latvia’s most prestigious music awards, Gada Balva, held at the Daile Theatre in Riga, Feb.21, 2004. She won Best Dance Album 2003 (“Nightvision”) and Best Dance Recording 2003 (“Next Level”).

Latvian singing sensation boosted her popularity also in Lithuania when she expressed interest in recording a duet with the popular Lithuanian performer Amberlife. The result of this collaboration, a song called “My Lovers Gone”, was a No.1 hit in Latvia and Lithuania, won Best Song 2004 at the “Radiocentras” and “Bravo” awards and Best Music Video at the “Tango TV” awards.

In May 2005 Ladybird steamed up the cover of FHM magazine’s Latvian editition as she was voted sexiest woman in Latvia and came in at a fabulous ..3 on the FHM’s 100 Sexiest Woman of 2005 list.

On 7 September 2005, Ladybird’s album was released in Japan via Trident Style label. It is called “Dangerous To Me” and contains songs from the award-winning Latvian edition plus several bonus tracks. A month later Ladybird visited Tokyo to promote her album by performing in HMV and Tower Records stores and giving interviews for media.

Three years after the release of her debut album, Ladybird returns with her sophomore studio album, 5 Moods, due on 29 September 2006. The princess of Latvian pop promises us a different Ladybird – more diverse in terms of style and vocals, still full of positive dance vibes. The album contains 15 tracks, stylistically divided in five parts – Favorites, Dance Fever, Some Sweets, My Friends and My Playground. The songs have been produced by such professionals as Modris Skaistkalns, Boyza II and Gints Stankevics, as well as the talented young house music producer ZaZzy. Listeners are already familiar with the album track Bring Me Light that was awarded Best Dance Song 2005. Following its success, Back In Your Arms, album’s opening track, is beginning to heat up the airwaves in Latvia.

Exclusive photo shoot with Sean McMenomy

On 20 September 2006 Ladybird returned from an exclusive photo shoot in Malmoe, Sweden, where she teamed up with Australian fashion photographer Sean McMenomy and Islandic make-up artist Kolbrun Ran for exciting new publicity images. They also shot a campaign for Swedish cosmetics company Oriflame which is the official sponsor of Ladybird’s new album 5 Moods. The singer has just signed a one-year contract as their new advertising face.

Sean McMenomys versatility has framed celebrities, clothes and luxury products in both traditional and excitingly unexpected ways. He has a useful habit of exceeding the expectations of a brief, finding details or flair in a subject that had been overlooked by previous photographers or stylists. His work has helped to fashion the image of people such as Keira Knightley, Billie Piper, Emma Bunton, Will Young, Rachel Stevens, Geri Halliwell, Girls Aloud and Natalie Imbruglia through magazine and CD covers. Fashion-wise, his versatility means he is equally at home with mens or womens collections. His work in these fields has appeared in Harpers & Queen, Elle, GQ, Arena, Marie Claire, Dansk, The Times, The Guardian Weekend, Sunday Times Style and The Observer Magazine and, in Australia, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle.