Hannah, also known as Hannah Ild, is an Estonian singer. She was born on May 12, 1981, in Tallinn, Estonia. Hannah is a songwriter, singer and pianist, blending ballads and classic pop. Her passion for music began at an early age. She began singing even before she could speak. When she was three years old, she joined the Children Music Studio. From there she went on to join the Estonian Radio Singing Studio. When she was seven, Hannah joined the elite Estonian Television Music Choir. At the same time she also began to attend the Tallinn Music School. Here she realized her true musical talent, at the piano. By the time Hannah was thirteen she had produced her first song called Childhood land – composing lyrics and music together – which won first place in the Estonian Children’s Song Competition in 1995. This gave Hannah great encouragement and self confidence leading her to produce further song entirely of her own creation.

In 1997, Hannah left the TV Choir and began her solo career. She swept to fame by coming second place in the Estonian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, performing her own song “Lonely Soul”. The jury of experts by the Estonian Association of the Phonogram Producers awarded Hannah’s song “Salaja” with the Dance Hit of the Year 2001.[1] The jury nominated her twice for an Estonian Music Awards in the category “Female Artist of the Year” in 2003 and 2004, winning in none of the years.[2][3] The competing Estonian Music and Phonogram Producers Union awarded Hannah with the Golden Record prize of the biggest selling Estonian “Female Performer of the Year 2003”.[4] For her next album Ballaadid 2, Hannah’s record label, owned by her husband, launched a $200,000 – $250,000 promotion campaign. What the Estonian music managers called a “crazy experiment” (considering 1,4 million people as the size of the targeted market), accounted as the biggest budget for advertising an Estonian album in history. The buyers of the albums participated in a drawing lot of a Mercedes-Benz A-Class as the main prize. After the car was handed out to the winner, the sales numbers for the album dropped. The campaign earned Hannah two Golden Record awards: the biggest selling Estonian “Album of the Year 2005” and the biggest selling “Female Performer of the Year 2005”.