Loits, having started out with rather straightforward pagan black metal back in 1996 and still staying true to their roots, have managed to carve out a totally fresh and quite original heavy music genre of distinctly melancholic atmosphere. Their innovativeness has brought along more and more frequent comparisons to Enslaved. “Must album” may not be a step forward on the trail of Loits, but it is most certainly neither a comedown nor a standstill. Rather, it’s a journey of discovery on paths parallel and thus far unexplored.

So far, the activities of Loits have met with success. Their previous album, “Vere kutse kohustab”, managed in a couple of months to become a thus-far-undethroned bestseller for their record label of the time, Ledo Takas Records. “Ei kahetse midagi”, their debut, has been released by eight different companies in many countries all over the world; most of the pressings have by now been sold out.

Loits are justifiably considered a strong live act. It is indeed at the concerts that their veritable energy is released in its purest form.