The obscure yet varied musical background of the guys allows them to feel at home in contexts of various styles, to combine and amalgamate them into an unconventional, thrilling creative concoction. Several of them regularly take on quests into various exotic cultures in order to obtain new inspiration and broaden their musical horizons. Thus, one can find elements of folk, roots reggae, reggaeton, bhangra — everything from African tribal styles to Oriental pop — in the music of Bombillaz. Their lyrics will always carry a positive message, with maybe a dab of critique thrown in for good measure, should the surrounding world call for some.

In the spring of 2007, the guys sent their demo track “Raggamsta” to the nationwide radio station R2, where it was played in the “Demo of the Week” section of the popular show “Pleier”. The track received some surprisingly positive feedback, and at the end of the year, R2 credited it with the “Demo of the Year 2007” award at the widely televised “Hit of the Year” award gala. At the end of the same year, Bombillaz released a two-song debut single titled “Mees on rasta”, including the by-now-veritable hit “Raggamasta”.

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