2008 was a year when everything fell into place for Agnes – both creatively and career wise. Her third album, Dance Love Pop, evolved from her vision to create the ultimate “pre- party” album. The drive, the energy and the attitude we associate with a 20 year old who is eager to explore life and music are all apparent on this her strongest album to date. The year also became a new beginning for Agnes. Just before the new year she changed management firm. Soon after, she changed record companies to the smaller more versatile Roxy Recordings where she gets the personal backing that all artists strive after. Around the same time she found the perfect collaborator in song writer and producer Anders Hansson. Sparks fly when the somewhat unexpected meeting of Hanssons electronic flavoured music team up with Agnes soulful vocals. – Anders Hansson and I clicked creatively with each other at once and we have been working really hard with this album. It is great to work directly with someone and be able to create an entire body of work. Plus we have had a blast doing it – and have inspired each other. The last years have been eventful for Agnes to say the least. The two first albums and three nationwide tours came one after the other. During the winter of 2007 Agnes took part in the show -ABBA Christmas Edition – at the Annexet in Stockholm. She showed the first signs of her song writing progress. She also had time to take part in the MQ Christmas campaign together with Måns Zelmerlöw where the two duetted on “All I want for Christmas” that topped the sales charts. The spring of 2008 was kick started with the TV show “Körslaget” (Battle of the Choirs) where Agnes expertly chose members for a choir from her hometown of Vänersborg and competed against six other choirs. Before the new album was released Agnes had a few months where she had the chance to let all the new impressions of the first hectic years as an artist sink in and as she expresses it – let the brain catch up. She spent time with family and friends in Vänersborg and made time to complete her gymnasium studies in mathematics. What are your goals and ambitions for 2009? – One big goal for me is to see my music released in Europe. A lot of things are happening already – many countries have already committed to release and another few larger territories will be on board soon. Artistically the goal is always to evolve on all levels – vocally, the song writing and the on stage show are all important for me. Agnes has co-written three songs on the last album amongst others the new single Release Me. The video for the track amassed 45,000 viewings on MSN during the premiere weekend alone – proof that Agnes knows what she is doing in that department as well. The differedce between the timid young girl who 2005 became the first female winner of Idol and today’s assertive but still humble pop star is striking. – I have grown into the role – she corroborates. In the beginning it was fun but difficult for me to understand why people were so interested in me as an individual. I didn’t know the industry that well. Today it is easier. I am both used to the attention now and I have a lot more to say!