Her early years were a hummingbird’s journey through the flower garden of music; jazz, all form of electronica, show-tunes, pop, rock and even opera: the nectar that fed her youthful explorations. She settled down long enough to start up the band Popshop where she spent the next five years developing her vocal and artistic talents.

With the release of ‘How to Tango’ (2002), CORNELIA had attained a new-found confidence, and an exuberant energy gave her flight once more. Emerged from the chrysalis of youth with a new musical identity, she was finally introduced to the public as a solo artist during her appearances on Swedish television in 2004.

CORNELIA has taken the next step in her journey, continuously blending her own style and energy with whatever life throws at her. In 2006 and 2007, CORNELIA toured Europe with Markus Enochson, promoting the ‘Night Games’ album (Sonar Kollektiv). In 2007, CORNELIA started her own indie label Camp Mozart.