Sounds like Amerika! But only more imaginative, more powerful, more interesting and loaded with choruses youll be humming to until the end of days. Take an equal amount of pounding, ground shaking hardness and eerily haunting beauty and mix them together in a large cauldron. Throw in a handful of undying sadness, wicked visions and hell-forged fury. Spice the mix with a pinch of attitude problems and psychedelia as you slowly stir it with a jagged blade under the autumn leaves. Finally let the juice steep in the arctic bleakness of a small Finnish town much akin to Twin Peaks and youll have the potion called Apulanta. After completely dominating their home turf (with a dozen ..1 singles and six ..1 albums all of which have reached platinum status) for over half a decade Apulanta are now releasing their first international album. The album is all about heavy, blistering guitars, painfully touching melodies, evilly stinging lyrics and choruses that just stick to your ear whether you like it or not. The sheer classic pop-genius of the tunes is wrapped in a high-explosive shell of modern alternative rock sound while the distinctive voice of the charismatic singer-songwriter-guitarist Toni gives the package a very characteristic feel. At one moment youll be deeply moved by the beauty of the music but as the pulverizing chorus kicks in you can just feel the crowd of ecstatic people pouncing up and down in oceanic waves of sweat and flesh. Even in the maelstrom of becoming national rock icons in their late teens-early 20s Apulanta have never forgotten the most important thing in the whole business great tunes- and this album is no exception. From the crowd moving “Bring Me Down” and “Circles” to the pop-tastic “Incomplete”, “Within” and “Falling” the album is filled with fabulous generation anthems with chorus power equaling a major nuclear power plant. Just make your pick. Over 800 live shows have honed Apulanta into a lethally brilliant live act, still retaining the raw, stormy element of unpredictable danger. From the tiniest rock club in a moldy cellar to a headliner slot at a festival of 50.000 people the band makes the crowd go wild and leaves them completely exhausted but still begging for more. Ranging from a more traditional alternative rock show to a pompous spectacle in the best (or worst!) tradition of Kiss, DIO and Iron Maiden (Hey, if you were a male born in 76 you couldnt help growing up listening to Eavy Metal!) an Apulanta show is always an energetic, almost spiritually electrifying experience touching the audience on both mental and physical levels. On stage Tonis commanding presence is backed up by the hard-hitting efficiency of drummer St Pucchi (and his incredible hair-do!) and the glowering menace of the bassist T.T. Usually the trio is accompanied by an extra guitarist to really deliver the message home. Most definitely worth checking out! Apulanta have now taken the first step on their unstoppable march to Total World Domination. Join them in glory or be utterly trampled underneath as the wave of soul-purging sound sweeps over the globe. In near future Mother Earth shall be called Apulandia. You have been warned.