So, what came first, the cheese or the biscuit?

That has been the discussion around many a smorgasbord. If you ask the boys if it was their love for cheesy handbag-house and dance, or the obsession with crunchy fucked up electronic sounds that started it all?

– You won’t get a straight answer, but maybe a stupid story like this:

After taking the aliases as Terminator Kjex and Cheesy, two bored Norwegians spent their lifesavings on a big pile of cheese and biscuits, some studio equipment and locked themselves away for about two years. Creating what would become, “Some But Not All Cheese Comes From the Moon”. Their debut album based solely on sounds from yes : cheese & biscuits.

The album to their big surprise, awarded them a nomination for best electronica album (Alarm; Norwegian Grammy). Digging their way thru piles of breadcrumbs, smelly cheeses and into the light, Ost & Kjex found people liking their music, but nobody really believed in their modus operandi, the exclusive use of food as sound source.