Röövel Ööbik formed in the middel of the eighties – as an art-school friends band which rose from the ashes of members former punk-groups. Playing live in several punk-festivals Röövel Ööbik had a new and more challening sound – weird indie rock. After releasing their debut album “Ilu” (1989; cassette-only) Röövel Ööbik captured the attention of curious music-enthusiasts from Finland, who – after they’ve found out about interesting young bands in Estonia, Röövel Ööbik amongst them – formed a record label for their findings. That record label, Stupido Twins, released two Röövel Ööbik’s 7-inches, and in 1992 album “Popsubterranea” which was the first Estonian rock record released on CD. Röövel Ööbiks dirty indie also reached the miraculous ears of John Peel. Radio legend invited them to Maide Vale studios where they recorded – as first act from Eatern Europe – John Peel Session in 1993. As godfathers and mighty rulers of the Estonian indie-scene Röövel Ööbik ditched the guitars in the middle of the nineties, embraced drum-machines, synths and samplers and invaded the stage as shouty and psych dance-band, inspired by techno, deep house and jungle music. Change of the game led to their cassette-only masterpiece “Psychikosmos” and change of the name: for their next two albums, which included all kinds of electronic dance music, even bhangra – “Honey Combat” (1997) & “Aerosol” (2001) – they were known as Una Bomba. The group formerly known as Röövel Ööbik became Röövel Ööbik with guitar riffs again in 2005. On their new album “Supersymmetry” they came back as a bold and full on rock band. Members: Tõnu Pedaru – vocals, Allan Hmelnitski – guitar/bass, Sten Sheripov – guitar/keyboards, Raul Saaremets – drums. Former members: Tarvo Hanno Varres (bass), Uno Laur (vocals), Kuldar Poska (bass) Album Discography “Ilu” (1989; Kuldnokk) “Popsubterranea” (1992; Stupido Twins; re-released in 2007 by Umblu Records) “Psychikosmos” (1996; Kosmos Control) “Honey Combat” (1997; Plastmass; re-relased in 1999 by Canadian record label High Park Records) “Aerosol” (2001; Umblu Records) “Supersymmetry” (2005; Umblu Records) “Ringrada” (2009; Universal/Umblu Records)