Inglow was formed in 2000, and after seven years and multiple EP releases and compilation contributions they released their debut album “Till Deaf Do Us Part” in September 2007 (Norwegian release only). Inglow’s hit single As I Am, the third to be released from the album, made it to the Norwegian equivalent of the Billboards, VG-lista Topp 20, where it stayed for several weeks.

“Till Deaf Do Us Part” was well received by Norwegian reviewers, radio and tv stations as well as fans and new audiences – the latter contributing to a sold out release concert at the legendary John Dee music hall in Oslo. In October 2007, less than a month after the release, Inglow was approached by MUSE’s management and are asked to support MUSE (UK) in Trondheim. The Trondheim audience gave the newcomers a great reception, delivering Inglow’s first stadium roar, which in Trondheim counted about 8,500 voices – as the 7,000 limit was exceeded by almost 1,500 who got in using fake tickets.

October held more good news for the debutants. Track “Here We Go” was featured on the Norwegian block buster motion picture “Switch” and Inglow headlined the first ever MSN Oslo Music Week with Brett Anderson (UK). In February Inglow played at by:Larm, Scandinavia’s biggest music conference and the northern equivalent to Midem (Cannes) and Popkomm (Berlin). Inglow was also selected “Band of the Month” by http://www.norskmusikk.org (“Norwegian music”), and three Inglow tunes were added to Positive Gaming Europe’s Fitness Multiplayer System. Inglow is listed at several Norwegian radio stations, as well as on the UK radio show Unloaded.

In summer 2008 Inglow entertained their greatest crowd so far, when a staggering 35 000 people attended their concert at NRJ in the Park 08 (keep in mind there’s only 4,5 million Norwegians).Thei also went on the NRJ Musc Tour’08 and their latest single “As I am” sailed steady in six weeks on the Norwegian billboards (vg-lista topp20)

Concert review highlights:
“Around nine thirty it was time for this evenings hand picked support band, Inglow. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to see the entire gig because I had to prepare for the Muse gig, but what I saw definitely sounded great” (www.musikknyheter.no) (Muse support gig October 20th 07)

“There’s a great energy on stage and you’re pulled in from the first catchy tune. And even though they give everything up there it’s still really tight, because of the steady rhythm section. The one with the greatest stage-presence is bassist Kevin, who has a scream vocal much like Lost Prophets. This provides variation to Martins brighter vocals and the backing vocals from Syver and Andreas. Joakim, the only one not doing vocals, is instead doing a hell of a job behind the drum kit. Martin has an exceptional force of attraction on – and communication with – the audience, and his voice is done even greater justice live than on recordings. (www.heavymetal.no) (John Dee release concert, September 28th 2007)

“Inglow clearly stood out from the rest of the bands. These hard core rockers attracted the audience like a magnet and before you knew it, the first row was packed with chicks filming with their cell phone cameras. It started with a bang, literally. Fireworks went in every direction behind the band members, who were headbanging like true rock stars. Inglow is a band of emotions, lots of emotions, and you could feel it in your bone marrow. When they performed their single “Not For Sale”, you could tell that they’re just itching to finally make it big time. The highlights came one after another and before you knew it, it was over.” (www.ungmedemakt.no) (MSN Oslo Music Festival, with Brett Anderson October 18th 07)