SMALL is Andreas Asingh, Andreas Asingh is SMALL.

The word “SMALL” does not always refer to something light, petit or just plain inferior. In this case it refers to the Danish upcommig act, SMALL, which is a genuine example of the hands down right opposite.

SMALL is exemplary of a new breed of flawlessly executed electro-pop reminiscent of the golden era of pop. Where the ebb and flow of hypnotic synth tides meets blistering yet subtle guitar waves, fronter and lead singer Andreas Asingh’s impossibly catchy lyrics perfect a sound that is as light-hearted and unassuming as it is delicately complex.

After breaking on Denmark’s National Radio P3 with the release of debut album Teenage Cover, touring Europe and playing alongside the likes of Cut Copy, Digitalism and KEANE, SMALL have just signed a record deal with Tremendous/Last Gang Records (Crystal Castles, Tiga, Boys Noize etc.). 1st single Sunshine Lover is now out in the US and Canada.

Voxhall ***** “SMALL is unquestionably one of the upcoming acts on the Danish music scene that you should keep a watchful eye on.” “For this reviewer there must be no doubt that the trio has potential – and if the world is ready for a new-old sound the future looks bright for Andreas Asingh from Copenhagen. Yours truly hereby gives the warmest recommendations to the refreshing album debut Teenage Cover.”

Soundvenue **** – Lullabies and night club bangers “It is both inviting and whipping as well as introvert and intelligent at the same time.” “… hence ‘Teenage Cover’ is both an admirable and viable album.”

24 Timer **** – Successful adventure-pop “With its delicately glazed and Asian-inspired pop melodies the group stands as a one-of-a-kind and on the debut album Andreas Asingh find a successful, harmonious level between the sonorous and helium-light pop melodies.”

Jyllandsposten **** – Less is more “The first two tracks of the album – “Sunshine Lover” and “Comic Girl” – climb with needle sharp melodious sense of direction directly to the top of the Himalaya of the hit.” “Here is a young act, who is able to pull both spirit, reflection and catchy electric pop out of our fleeting time.”

Gaffa **** “Small has come far with little – maybe because the simple melodies are catchy, maybe because the lyrics are quite interesting.”

Urban **** – Strong melodies and delicately underplayed details “… behind grow sensitive, but strong melodies and delicately underplayed details out of the vastly simple compositions.”

BT **** – Dance floor and hangovers “This debut album, ‘Teengae Cover’ is so filled with captivating and danceable melodies…” “… the album is filled with hits.” “This debut should arouse the interest among the music listeners who grew up in the promised 80s but also among the younger people who just CAN’T skip the weekend parties.”

Frekvens ****** “In a little bit more than 30 minutes (divided between 10 tracks) the electro act is instantly able to catch the listener with simple – but enormously catchy – melodies which consolidate themselves already at the first listen. The first two tracks, Sunshine Lover and Comic Girl, are in that way true pop-gems, which will do good on the radio, in the teenage room and in the club.”