About IJO
IJO is Audrius Vaitiekunas.
IJOs music focuses on contemporary electronic music including experimental jungle, jazz and ambient. Releases on labels such as Sutemos, Plain Productions, Resting Bell, Envizagae and many more. Remixes for artists like Ruxpin, Doubtful Guest, Leon Somov and more recently for HK119 that’s been spotted by Bjorks One Little Indian label. Gigs with Luke Vibert, Ceephax, Plaid, A Guy Called Gerald, Murcof, Funkstorung, Martsman, Breakage, Ed Rush amongst others around in Europe.

His side projects, dedicated to other genres just to avoid the confusion with IJO name, are 300 Degrees, who’s 4 track “Mobile Music EP” (melodic techno completely made with vintage analog gear) has been signed by Canadian label Napalm Enema Records, whos artists have also released their music on labels like Warp, Rephlex, Planet Mu and Breakin. And Pan Expander, a straight techno project, influenced by the sound of Roland tb-303.