Mira Craig is an artist with a very different sound, she experiments with her voice and mixes styles from all over the world in her productions. She samples her voice and makes a lot of the other samples and live sounds so the beats will sound organic. Her sound is an edgy mix of various styles such as Dancehall, Soca, Keiso, Raggasoca, Crunk, Southern Bounce, Norwegian Folk music, Japanese Folk music, Opera, Charleston, and many others. It’s a new and urban type of world music. She calls her sound Tribal Dreams. She also has a very distinctive voice, although she uses it in many different ways. She is songwriter and Producer.

She has her own company called Homemade Records and is the first artist to sell to gold with R&B in Norway. She makes all her own clothes for videos, stage and pictures. She co-directs, produces and co-edits her own videos. She does all the styling and choreography for her videos. She also does her own CD design. Her debut album, Mira Mira, went to gold without a TV commercial. She had 3 singles off that album, Boogeyman, Headhunted and Who Make Yuh, which all became huge hits. Her second album Tribal Dreams has just come out and the first single Leo was the first Norwegian video to get MTV’s highest rotation in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland simultaneously.

She has worked with respected artists and producers such as Snoop Dogg and Timbaland. She was featured on Timbaland’s album Shock Value, where she laid the opera voices in the production of Come and Get Me featuring 50 cent and Tony Yayo. Snoop Dogg put her on his compilation Welcome to the Chuuch – The Album, where she featured on the song Sisters n Brothers and he even put one of her songs from her first album Mira Mira on the compilation, called Dinner In Bed.

In 2006 she was nominated for best Norwegian Act at The European Music Awards, 2 nominations (best female and best newcomer) at The Spellemans Prize in Norway, and she was nominated and won newcomer of year at The Alarm Prize in Norway. She also won best video at Norwegian Hood.

She has warmed up for numerous grand acts, such as John Legend, Wyclef, Fugees, Pharrel Williams, Beenie Man, Snoop Dogg (3 times), Diddy, Lauren Hill, Aha, Chris Cornell and several others. She has also been on stage and sung 911 with Wyclef twice and danced during Pharrel’s/NERD’s performance of She wants to move.

She has played huge arenas and stadium shows. She performed in Senegal, Africa at an international charity event for 40.000 people at a football stadium. She has performed at Topp 20, 3 years in a row in Norway, 70,000 people, 120.000 people and 90.000 people. She has played at different big festivals in Norway with approximately 10.000 people, like The Quarts Festival, Molde Jazz Festival, etc. She has also performed big stages in Trinidad and Tobago, for The Soca Monarch, other shows during carnival, and she has warmed up for Trinidadian artists like Machel Montano etc. She recorded two of her videos in Trinidad and released one there, her first video, Boogeyman, which became a huge hit. She has also performed in countries such as The Us, Japan, France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Iceland.

She is one of the artists who get the most press in Norway, she has been on all the covers, national newspapers such as VG, Dagbladet and Aftenposten and magazines like Elle, Mann (voted best cover, twice) Det nye, Kingsize (Scandinavia’s biggest hip hop magazine, twice), Gründer, Shape-up (they had their biggest selling magazine with her cover, which sold out, twice) Spirit (twice) FHM, and numerous others… She has also had photo shoots and interviews in other magazines such as: Inside, Topp, C!, Woman, Mag, KK, Costume etc. Mira had a net chat at the biggest newspaper in Norway’s net page and the net page crashed because there were too many people trying to download a video of her dancing. She has been given the title Norway’s most sexy woman on numerous occasions as well as Best dressed Woman. She has walked the catwalk for different designers from Norway and Sweden including Fiori and Jenny Helstrøm.

She has had two Mira phones, one with Samsung and Netcom and one with Sony Eriksson and Netcom. She was the first artist in Norway to do this kind of digital distribution deal and the Sony Eriksson phone, was sold out. (10.000 phones were made)

Recently she submitted the first song she ever wrote to the Norwegian Grand Prix song contest. The song which she wrote at age 15, was sung by Maria Haukaas Storeng and won the national competition. It was sent to represent Norway in The Eurovision Song Contest and made it all the way to 5th place out of 43 contries, they were best out of the whole of West Europe. The show had 600 million viewers!

Mira has become an icon that many young people look up to and she is a role model when it comes to being natural, eating healthy, and being active. She is also a role model when it comes to following you dreams, not being afraid to set high goals, and taking control over your life. She is one of the youngest business women in Norway, written about in business issues and business magazines. She has held lectures and presentations about the music industry, the various record contracts, having your own company, and about creative writing. A lot of people come to her for inspiration and advice. She is an ambassador for numerous charities and has performed at many charity events. She has done a lot of work with equality charities, environmental charities, cancer and aids charities, and hunger charities.

The future is looking bright for Mira, she has accomplished so much in only a period of 5 years. Since her first release she has worked hard, blown minds and brought joy. She has a big fan base in Norway but she is also being noticed more and more in other areas. Her 3rd album Ghetto Fairytale and MiraMira sunglasses and jewellery line just came out and is for sale on her website http://www.miracraig.com. She is currently a judge on x-factor. She has a desire to branch out and release in other countries and that is what she will be concentrating on in the near future. SHY IS NORWAY HIP HOP DIVA